Jesus Said "I am the way, the Truth and the Life, No man come unto the Father, but by Me."  - John 14:6 (KJV) Pastor
Richard Johnson
Sunday School - 10am
Sunday Worship - 11am
Sunday Night - 6pm
Wednesday Night - 7pm

Church Organization

New Testament Baptist Church was first Organized and the first meeting was held on April 20, 1969 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Little under the leadership of Reverend Charles Young with 43 present. The first service was held on April 27, 1969 in the basement at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Driver. The Church started with 43 members and $159.21 in the treasury. At this time several Committees were formed for the leadership of the Church.
Committee to find a place to meet:
Members: John Lopp, T. O. Whitley and Jerry Phelps.
Committee to buy Hymnals: Robert Hunt, Leon Little and Mrs. Gary Cope.
The Church at this time also assigned the following office's:
Pianist: Mrs. Gary Cope
Clerk: Mrs. Hill Hunt
Treasurer: Robert Hunt
A Piano at this time was donated by Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Kearns and chairs for the congregation were furnished by Piedmont Funeral Home.
May 11, 1969 the first charter members were taken into membership at New Testament Baptist Church. 59 joined and 30 days were added in order for anyone else to join as a charter member.

New Testament Baptist Church Building

On September 21, 1969 the congregation voted to build a Church for worship. Land was purchased from Linwood Farm Estates and the foundation for New Testament Baptist Church was laid on November 8, 1969. On December 21, 1969 the first worship service was held in the original building, with 95 in attendance. The building dedication service was held August 15, 1971 after completion of interior walls and furnishing.
New additions to the Church was added in early 1974 and completion of the additions were completed around April 1974. At this time the Church added a sanctuary capable of seating approximately 400 people and also added 8 classrooms, nursery and a Pastor's study. In dedication of the Church additions a dedication service was held on Easter Sunday April 14, 1974 with events beginning with an Easter Sunrise Service led by Mike Beeker and Reverend Earl Lookabill. Both were former members of the Church. A breakfast was held at Linwood Lions Den followed by the traditional morning worship service which also included a dedication service held and call to worship was given by J. W. Morphis, Jr. with Reverend R. L. Duncan preaching the dedication sermon and proceeded the act of dedication with the people attending the service. Prayer was given by Lonnie McCollum and the closing hymn was led by Odell Story.

New Testament Baptist Church Events

First wedding ceremony held at the New Testament Baptist Church was the joining of Bob Meachum and Helen Lookabill.
First Baptismal service was held in Thomasville off of Hwy. 109 and included Allen McCollum.
First funeral service held at New Testament Baptist Church was for the passing of Juanita Snyder.
The annual budget in 1971 and 1972 was $5,540.00.
The first Church Bus was purchased in 1980.. Several years later the Bus was sold and a Van was purchased to help bring the people of the community to the worship services. During the Summer of 1991 another Van was purchased which is still in use today.
The Church Parsonage by the Old Red Mill Crossing was purchased in 1975 and was later sold in October of 1989 and the profits were used to build the fellowship hall in the Spring of 1987. The Shelter at the Church was added in June of 1992. The parking lot was completed in April of 1993 and renovations in the Sanctuary were made in May 1994.
In the Summer of 1996 a nominating committee was formed to expand the fellowship hall facilities. New Testament Baptist Church will always trust in God to continue to work in the hearts of his people to see the Gospel continue to go forward in Davidson County and around the world by being involved in Missionary Work.

Pastors that have served at New Testament Baptist Church

Pastor Charles Young: April 1969 to April 1974

Eugene Elmore (Interim): April 1974 to July 1975

Pastor Richard Wright: August 1975 to June 1986

Pastor Richard Johnson (Interim): June 1986 to August 1986

Pastor Gary Gibson: September 1986 to June 1988

David LeGrand (Interim): June 1988 to December 1989

Pastor Richard Wright: December 1989 to March 1991

David LeGrand (Interim): March 1991 to May 1991

Pastor Robert Decker: May 1991

Dr. Milton Frazier (Interim):

Pastor Wayne Willis:

Dr. Harold Bowman (Interim):

Pastor Kent Hogan:

Pastor Jimmy Greene: 2007 to July 2008

Pastor Robert Floyd: 2011 to 2015

Pastor Richard Johnson: Current